About the convenience credit or debit card fee

What is a convenience fee?

The convenience fee is a charge for any one-off credit or debit card payment. Visa and MasterCard one-off payments have a 1% convenience fee, and American Express and JCB one-off payments have a 2% convenience fee.

What does it cover?

This charge covers the fees and other costs that are incurred by one-off credit or debit card payments.

What is "One-off"?

We consider a credit or debit card payment to be 'one off' if:

  • It's not set up as an automatic, recurring monthly payment (even if your credit or debit card details are pre-registered)
  • You make a payment online through My One NZ, through our website or by calling customer care

It will be considered 'one off' even if you choose to pay this way each month for one or more accounts.

Alternative methods to pay

Below are alternate payment methods you can use to avoid the convenience charge:

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