Zero credit on Prepay?

If your Prepay credit gets to zero, you'll need to Top Up your credit to use data, make outgoing calls or send TXTs.

Even with zero credit, you can:

  • Call 111
  • Continue to receive calls for a period of 360 days after your last top up

If you have Add-Ons with allowance remaining you will still be able to use these.
You will need to have at least 1 cent balance to be able to call 0800 or 0508 Free call numbers.

Minimum and maximum Top Up amounts

  • Mates, My Flex Prepay or Prepay Pay & Go - the minimum Top Up is $10 through My One NZ app ($20 through our website).
  • All other Prepay plans, the minimum Top up is $20.
  • Daily limit is $100
  • Weekly limit is $500
  • Monthly limit is $2000

No cash? No problem! If you're running low on credit and can't Top Up right away, get an instant $5 credit with Prepay IOU. Next time you Top Up, you'll repay the $5 plus a $0.50 fee.
Simply TXT IOU to 468 and we'll apply a $5 credit straight away!

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