Wireless Broadband home phone | Manage Call Waiting

Let's you know when someone is trying to call you while you're on another call.

Combining it with voicemail  works really well because you can choose to accept a second call or let it go through to your voicemail to take a message.

How it works

  • If you're on the phone and another caller phones in, you'll hear four short beeps
  • Switch from one call to the other simply by pressing the 'recall' button
  • Call Waiting is available in most areas. It also works with the Second Phone Number feature

To ensure you are charged at the correct rate, call us on 0800 800 966 to add Call Waiting to your account.

Set up

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Dial * 4 3 # 
  3. Press the call button


  1. Lift the handset
  2. Dial # 4 3 # 
  3. Press the call button
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