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This article covers the most common question (and answers) about Promo Codes in our Online Shop.

What are Promo codes?

In the Online Shop, when you're placing your order, you can use a Promo Code to receive product-specific offers.

These codes would have been supplied to you by us and can only be used in the Online Shop.

What products can I apply my Promo Code on?

Our promotions can be applied to specific products in the Online Shop, as intended in the Terms and Conditions that was provided with the code.

Promo codes can be redeemed in the Online Shop Shopping Cart, by selecting the Add promo code feature.

Promo codes are only available through the Online Shop.

How to get Promo Codes?

Promo codes are offered on our marketing material or you may have been contacted by us.

You should know

Apply promo code to different order

A promotional offer that is conflicting with a code already applied in the shopping cart, will display an error message

If you wish to use another promo code, you will need to remove the existing code by clicking the Remove button.

Select + Add promo code to apply the new code

The accepted promotion code will display as a line item in the shopping cart

Save Promo code

The promo code is redeemable only at the time of purchase. If you choose to save your cart, the promo code will need to be re-entered before you check out your shopping cart order.

How Promo Codes appear in a shopping cart

An accepted promotion code will display as a line item in the shopping cart, otherwise an alert message is displayed if it requires your attention.

The line item shows the type of promotion, the code entered and a brief description.


If you have a problem with a Promo Code, Call 0800 837 867 to talk with the Online Shop team about your promo code.

Promo Code is not being accepted

An alert message will be displayed if the code is invalid.

  • Carefully check the code is entered correctly
  • The code may be case sensitive
  • Ensure there are no extra spaces at the end of the code
  • Check the code is still valid, and has not expired
  • The Online Shop will only accept our promo codes.
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