One Upgrade | Frequently Asked Questions

This article contains details about One Upgrade and how it works.

What is One Upgrade?

One Upgrade is the Add-On that lets you upgrade your phone before you've finished your current interest free term. We'll wipe the remainder of your contract and start you up on a new one.


How to get One Upgrade?

Adding One Upgrade

You can only add One Upgrade when you purchase a new phone on interest free in one of our One NZ retail stores - so make sure you talk to us then.

How much does it cost?

You must pay $10 inc GST per month to add One Upgrade.

If you wish to upgrade to a new phone during your interest free term:
  • you must pay a one-off redemption fee ranging from $0 - $299. See "Calculating Redemption Fee" below; and
  • you must purchase your new phone on an interest free plan with any pay monthly mobile plan.

Am I eligible to add One Upgrade?

One upgrade is available to customers purchasing a new phone in any One NZ retail store on an interest free term with any pay monthly mobile plan. The One Upgrade add-on is available to One NZ consumer customers only.

How to redeem One Upgrade?

Calculating redemption fee

This could be as low as $0 - but there are a few things we consider which may up your fee:
  • how many months you may have left, in relation to the length of your term
  • condition of your phone
You purchase a new phone on a 24 month interest free term with a pay monthly mobile plan. One Upgrade is added during purchase.
9 months later: A new phone is released and you want to upgrade early. Your phone is in good condition and there are more than 12 months remaining on your interest free plan. You can redeem One Upgrade by returning your phone to us, paying a one off redemption fee of $99 and getting your new phone on interest free with a pay monthly mobile plan. Subject to credit assessment.

See our redemption table below:

Interest free termTerm leftFee if good conditionFee if damaged
12 monthsLess than 6 months$0$99
6 months or more$99$299
24 or 36 monthsLess than 12 months$0$99
12 months or more$99$299

Redeeming One Upgrade

You can redeem One Upgrade any time during your interest free term - just as long as it's been 30 days since you bought it. Simply head in-store and we'll start the redemption process.

What to do before I redeem One Upgrade

Follow these preparation steps:
  • Back up your personal data - see How do I back up my phone personal data?
  • Make sure you can log in your Apple iCloud/Google account. When you come in store, you'll be asked to delete your Apple iCloud/Google ID from your phone before we can upgrade your phone - if your phone is in good condition or can be repaired and reset, this allows your phone to be repurposed.
  • Check you have a valid ID.
It's really important to back up and properly remove your data on your old phone to ensure your privacy, safety and security.

How to back up phone personal data

Before you come into store, you'll need to back up your personal data. Personal data can be photos, videos, documents, contact numbers, etc. If you hand over your phone and your data has not been backed up, you won't be able to access it again.

We've linked below websites showing examples of the process:

Android to Android

We also recommend looking at your phone manufacture website for specific options to help with your phone make/model.

Apple to Apple

Apple to Android

Android to Apple

How the redemption process works in store

Our team will assess the condition of your phone in store, and you will need to pay a redemption fee between $0 and $299 depending on the condition of your phone and where you are in your interest free term. You'll then choose your new phone, we'll do a quick credit check, and set you up on a new interest free plan, and if that's all good you're good to go.

How to determine the condition of my phone

A phone is considered to be in good condition if it is fully functional and not physically damaged as reasonably determined by our agents when you bring it into store to redeem your new phone. The checks the agent will do to determine the phones condition will be:
  • powers on, holds a charge for a reasonable period and the battery health is above 85%;
  • has a correctly functioning display, buttons, cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and face ID (where applicable) and is able to make and receive calls without issue;
  • is free of cosmetic damage, including chips on the screen or casing, heavy or deep scratching on the casing or screen or cracks on the casing or screen (or screen issues such as green lines, pink screen, dead pixels/light spots, touch screen issues, screen burn or display defects); and
  • does not have any missing, disassembled, customised or non-genuine parts (other than parts used for repair under a manufacturer's warranty or under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 or Fair Trading Act 1986).

What kind of new phone can I choose?

Any! Just as long as our store has stock and it's available on an interest free term - it doesn't matter if it's cheaper or more expensive than your current phone.

If I redeem One Upgrade for a new phone, will I still have to pay my current phone repayments?

No, this is one of the benefits of your One Upgrade add-on. The remaining payments of your current interest free term will be cleared if:
  • You purchase a new phone on a new interest free term with any pay monthly mobile plan;
  • You come into our store and return your existing phone to us, with your ID;
  • You pay the applicable redemption fee (based on the condition of your phone); and
  • Your monthly phone repayment and One Upgrade fees are not overdue.

Is my phone eligible?

My phone doesn't turn on or it won't stay on

Yes - but there will be an upgrade redemption fee due to the phones condition. The fee will be dependent on how long you have left on your interest free term.

How to use One Upgrade in a retail store?

What to expect in-store

One of our team will assess your phone, and then help you:
  • Back up your personal data
  • Remove your Apple iCloud/ Google account
  • Factory reset your phone from the phone menu
  • Remove any physical SIM or SD cards from your phone
  • Get your new phone and plan set up on a new interest free term

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