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This article contains information on the Voice Messaging service provided to users on One Business with Webex and how to utilise the features.

Before you begin

This feature can be enabled or disabled by Super users and users.
The Voice Messaging User service can be configured to:

  • Specify whether all, busy or unanswered calls should be sent to voicemail
  • Specify how you want to retrieve the voice messages (using your phone or email account)
  • Send a copy of your messages to another email address
  • Activate or deactivate message waiting indication on the IP phone
  • Activate and configure sending Message Waiting Indication to an e-mail address
  • Choose to transfer calls to another number in addition to leaving a voice message 

Please first ensure that you have downloaded the Webex App, which can be done here:
Follow Voicemail PIN Reset for resetting PIN


  1. Open the Webex Application.
  2. Ensure you are logged in.
  3. Navigate to Call Settings.

    Check How to Access Call Settings for more information

  4. From the drop-down menu select Voicemail Service.
  5. The options include:
Webex Screenshot - voicemail settings

Voicemail ServiceTurn Voicemail on/off by moving the slider. Previously saved voicemails will not be lost. Inbound caller will get a busy tone.
Under 'Send Calls to Voicemail'


  1. Set Settings – when calls go to voicemail > When Busy (default on), When no answer (default on), Always (default off)
  2. Number of Rings – How many rings before the call goes to voicemail. The default is 6 rings (1 ring = 4.5 seconds)
Under 'When a Message Arrives'Use unified messaging
  • Turn on/off by moving slider. Turn on to allow device message indicator (app notification on mobile)
  • OR ‘Forward to email address’ - forwards the voicemail to an email. Note this removes the voicemail from visual voicemail and sends the voicemail as an MP3 file to the entered voicemail address.

Email Notification
You will get an email notification to let you know you have a voicemail. Toggle this on or off, then set the email address.

Email Carbon Copy
Enables voicemail files to be copied to an email. Use in conjunction with ‘unified messaging’ to have both visual voicemail and voicemail to email, or forward to a different email address.

Press '0' to transfer
A useful addition allowing for giving the caller the ability to forward to another number. Toggle this on/off, then set the phone number.

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