One Business with Webex | Voicemail PIN Reset

This article contains information on resetting the PIN for Voicemail (VM) for One Business with Webex.

You should know

Voicemail PIN reset can only be done by Super users. This article has the steps to assign a temporary 5 - digit PIN for the user with Voicemail – Pin issue.

Please first ensure that you have downloaded the Webex App, which can be done here:


  1. Log into the Xport Portal
  2. Click Manage for the user needing Voicemail PIN reset
    One Business with Webex Voicemail Reset
  3. Click Voicemail PIN to assign a temporary 5 - digit Voicemail PIN for the User
  4. Enter the temporary PIN in the fields highlighted below:
    One Business with Webex Voicemail PIN reset
  5. Click on Change PIN to save changes
  6. Click Manage again for the user
  7. Click on Features from the drop- down
  8. Enable Do Not disturb (DND) for the user
  9. Click Update to save changes
    Note: Ensure Call Forwarding Busy is turned off so the call is not redirected
  10. Call the number for which the Voicemail PIN needs to be reset
  11. Press the * key when the call goes to Voicemail
  12. Enter the temporary PIN assigned in Step 4 followed by the # key
  13. Enter a New 5 - digit PIN on the user's behalf followed by the # key
  14. Re - enter the same 5-digit PIN, followed by # key
  15. Once successful prompt is played, end the call

    Note: The User can change the PIN from the Voicemail prompts by calling 707

  16. Disable the Do Not disturb (DND) option for the User
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