Flexi Data | Mobile data for Pay Monthly plans

This article covers how you can get more mobile data using the Flexi Data service.

Can you get more mobile data for your Pay Monthly plan?

You can get the following additional data through Flexi Data :

  • 500MB
  • 1GB
  • 2GB

If you are on an older or retired plan, you can get 500MB for $10. The extra data you buy will expire when your plan allowance renews. If you use all of the extra data, you will get a TXT from us to let you know.

Buy more data on your mobile

When you run out of data, we'll send you a TXT with a link to buy more data.
Please turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile first (don't worry, you can access the Flexi Data page when you are out of mobile data).
Please note:

  • Flexi Data is NOT available for
    • Prepay
    • Corporate APN customers
  • Red Share plan users, you need Billing Access i.e. be the main owner of the plan to buy more data
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