Wireless Broadband | Installation and setup overview

This article covers installations for 4G Wireless Broadband connections:

  • Rural Wireless Broadband
  • Wireless Broadband

What type of installations are available for each connection method?

There are 2 types of installation:

Installation TypeDescriptionAvailable on
  • You insert the supplied SIM card and set up the modem yourself
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Rural Wireless Broadband (Depending on your location, your service could be a self-install or we will need to send a technician to you to install an aerial and set up your modem)
Technician Install
  • A technician will set up and install your modem and other required equipment (e.g. an antenna).
  • Rural Wireless Broadband

    How do the installation types work?


    • Ordering your plan
    • When your modem is delivered, or if you've picked up the modem in-store - install the SIM card supplied
    • Power up the modem and you're set! So, 10 minutes from delivery to online roughly

    If you've got a home phone as part of your plan too, follow these easy steps:

    • Pop the batteries into each phone
    • Plug the larger base unit into the back of your new modem and into a power plug - no phone jack required
    • Plug the smaller base unit into any power socket - it's a spare phone for you to have anywhere you like in your home

    Technician install

    Installation will usually happen within 10 working days of signing up. We'll let you know the day and time the technician will arrive. And, we'll call you 24 hours before to check whether you're available and discuss the installation.

    Before installing Rural Broadband, the technician will check the broadband coverage and tell you whether additional work or cabling is needed and how much it will cost.

    If the technician finds that Rural Broadband doesn't work correctly at your address or you're not happy with the additional costs, the installation won't proceed and no charges will apply. For more information about the types of install go to the Rural Broadband information page and scroll down to the Getting set up section.

    There could be further charges for installation if additional travel time, visits or wiring is required. All charges include GST.

    Charge type



    Additional travel  $75 If the technician's travel distance exceeds 70km each way from the installation technician's base
    Additional wiring  $99 You want the building's jack points (up to 3) rewired to the 4G wireless modem.
    If you're out when we visit  $150 You are not there when the technician arrives at the agreed time.
    No fault found  $249 You call to report a fault after installation and the technician finds no fault with our service - you will be charged for the visit.
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