Broadband | Fix Frequent ADSL/VDSL broadband disconnections

This article provides details on what causes frequent disconnections and how to potentially resolve them

Before you begin

If your broadband keeps disconnecting, there is a number of reasons why this could be happening:

  • Your modem may be overheating - try to keep it out of direct sunlight or away from other devices that produce heat.
  • If your broadband and phone services share the same line and if you have more than 6 devices connected, including fax machines, SKY Digital or a monitored house alarm, it's a good idea to unplug any that you don't use or give us a call (0800 438 448 ) to organise dedicated wiring just for your broadband connection.
  • Your Wi-Fi signal strength may be set too low - check your modem's manual  to find out how to change this setting.
  • There maybe 'high noise' on your phone line - check the SNR Margin (AKA Signal or Noise Ratio) under the status menu of your router, login into the web management page, if it's below 6dB that can cause intermittent disconnections.
  • If you can hear pulses or clicks when you're on the phone there may be a lot of electric fences in the area - unfortunately there isn't a lot you can do about this!


  1. Do an isolation test - simply disconnect all phones and other equipment that are plugged into your phone jacks and make sure your router or modem is connected directly to a phone jack i.e. you need to take off your line filters as well as any extension cables etc.
  2. Try resetting your modem to its factory settings and run the setup wizard - check your modem's manual  to find out how to do this

    If you still need help please check your your broadband settings .

  3. Check if disconnect when idle may be selected in your modem settings - have a look at your modem's manual to find out how to change this setting

What to do if that didn't work

If you've eliminated all possible causes and you're still experiencing Broadband connection issues, contact our technical support team on 0800 438 448 - include details of the issue you are experiencing and troubleshooting steps you have taken.

If no fault is found with the network, you may need a technician to come to your property to review and fix the problem. A technician fee may apply.

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