Wireless and Rural Broadband | Buy more data

This article contains steps to add data to a wireless Broadband connection.

You should know

You will need to buy a data Add-On to continue using the internet.

There are 2 options for additional data:

  • You can buy an additional data bundle  
  • You can choose to continue accessing the Internet but at a rate of 3 cents per MB, known as Casual Data instead of buying an Add-On


  1. Open the My One NZ app
  2. Tap Plan & Add-ons
    Screenshot My One NZ App Plans and AddOns
  3. Select the extra data you need.

How can I keep track of my Wireless Broadband data?

The best place to track how much data you're using, buy extra data or pay your bill is in the My One NZ app. If you haven't yet, download the app today from https://one.nz/app and follow the steps to get set up.

If your Wireless Broadband isn't showing in your app, you can add it in - you'll just need to use your new account number and 4-digit PIN.

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