About Premium TXT services

What is a Premium TXT?

A Premium TXT is a TXT from a third party service provider. We do not send these TXTs and is not responsible for getting.

We offer you a number of Premium TXT services through our Third Party Managed Partner channel. These third parties provide the services to you and charge you for your use. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Premium TXT service is variable and depends on the nature of the service. It can generally be in the range of 20c to $10.

When do I get charged?

You can get charged depending on the type of service you use. 

  • Some services may only charge you for sending a TXT message but not for receiving one e.g. TXT2Vote for a TV show.
  • Some may only charge you for receiving a TXT but not for sending.
  • Some services may charge you for both, sending and receiving a TXT message.

How do I get informed of the charges?

You will be informed of any charges before using these services.

The first free welcome message for a subscription service includes the below:

  • Cost information
  • Frequency of messages

How do I pay for it?

You use your mobile phone as a payment mechanism and your account is the credit account to pay for these services. I.e. you are using your phone as a credit card and we act as your bank. 

I have concerns about a Premium TXT service

You can find the specific rules that relate to the advertising of Premium TXT services outlines in Section 7- Advertising & Promotion of Premium Messaging Services of the TCF Mobile Premium Messaging Services Code.

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