Interest Free Payments | Summary

This article explains what Interest Free payments for mobile phones are and how it works.

What are Interest Free Payments for mobile devices?

Buying with Interest Free lets you to choose the phone you want from our selected range of phones, iPads, and tablets.

You will pay an upfront deposit and then 12, 24, or 36 consecutive monthly payments that will appear as a charge on your monthly bill.

What plans are eligible for Interest Free Payments?

Interest Free Payment is available on all our current Personal and Business On Account plans.

What devices are eligible for Interest Free?

All of our phones priced above $99 are available for Interest Free monthly payments.

Interest Free is only available to be used to pay for selected devices with a SIM card, i.e. mobile phones and tablets.

You should know

Contract Term Differences

The longer the payment term, the lower the payments so if you choose the 36 month term your total monthly cost will be more affordable.

However sometimes, our 24-month plans provide you a discount off the cost of the device so this may lower the monthly Interest Free amount you pay.

Interest Free Payment Balance/How it appears on a bill

You can check the Interest Free Payment charge, remaining balance, and number of payments under the Itemisation section of your monthly bill.

It will display the amount paid per week or month as well as the balance remaining and amount of instalments it will take to pay off your phone. These charges are not subject to GST.

You can also view how much you're paying each month and when your payments will cease in My One NZ online - it's listed under Your plan > Plan & Add-Ons.

Your final Interest Free charge will be removed from your account automatically once the balance is paid off.

Cancelling Interest Free Payments

If you decide to cancel your Interest Free payments for your mobile phone, you can do this by calling us on 777, or 888 for Business plan customers, from your mobile anytime during the 12, 24 or 36 month term of your instalments.

You will need to repay the outstanding amount due. That is, the handset outright price at the time of purchase minus your upfront payment, any plan or promotional discounts, and the Interest Free payments you've already paid.

There are no other additional fees or charges at the time of cancellation.

Terminating Plan

If you are looking to change your plan, you can plan transfer to another eligible plan and continue with Interest Free payments.

Just give us a call on 777 or 888 for Business customers.

If you decide to disconnect or change to a Prepaid plan , the remaining balance will be charged to your next or final bill along with other applicable disconnection charges, if any.

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