Toll Bar for calling

This article explains how toll bars work.

A Toll Bar is applied by us to all calls from your landline number and blocks calls to:

  • International numbers
  • National numbers
  • 0900 numbers, and
  • Mobile numbers.

You will still be able to receive calls from and make calls to:

  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free (such as 0800 or 0508)
  • Emergency services (such as 111).

Can I have a Toll Bar on a Business line?

Yes. Give us a call on one of the numbers listed below.

If you only want to restrict the ability to make calls to those numbers, you should have a look at Toll Call Control , which allows you to stop those calls being made unless the caller has and uses a 4-digit PIN (you choose the PIN).

If you're interested in either feature, give us a call to discuss them.

  • Standard (ADSL/VDSL) phone lines - call 0800 438 448
  • Cable/HFC customers call 0508 888 800
  • Fibre customers call 0508 888 800.
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