Broadband | How will I get my new modem

This article explains how you may receive your broadband order based on the type of connection you are getting installed.

How will you receive your modem?

Depending on the type of broadband installation you will get, your modem may be delivered by courier or by the technician doing your install.

Connection TypeDelivery Method
ADSL or Standard Broadband

Your modem will be delivered by courier.

You can call the support team (on 0800 438 448) and get a track and trace number to check where the modem is and the likely delivery date.

VDSL Broadband

Your modem will be delivered by courier and the notes above apply.

If a technician is also required for your install, they will complete any wiring work, line testing and test your connection using your new modem.

Fibre Broadband

Install technicians carry spare modems, so if your one hasn't arrived, then the technician will use a spare from the van.

When the original modem does arrive please drop off this extra modem at any of our Retail Stores.

Cable Broadband

Install technicians supply your modem at the time of installation.

You will not receive one via courier in advance.

Rural broadband

For installations that require a technician, they will supply your modem at the time of install.

For self-install, you will collect your modem from our Retail Store when you order the service.


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