Payments | Make a one off credit card payment

This page explains how to pay your bill via a one-off credit card payment.

Before you begin

If you don't have an automatic payment set up, you can click on the Pay now button to make a one-off credit card payment online.

Your account number and amount owing will pre-populate on the payment page.

You'll only ever see this Pay now link in the email sent from with your monthly bill attached, and on the bill itself.

It will always direct you to the online payment page with the amount owing and your account number pre-populated.

Set up an automatic payments for hassle-free bill payments

  • The available options differ based on the One NZ bank account name that appears on your bill
  • A convenience charge applies to all one-off credit card payments (even if your card is registered.  It doesn't apply to direct debit's from credit cards)
  • The convenience fee for Visa and MasterCard one-off payments is 1%, and the convenience fee for American Express and JCB one-off payments is 2%

How would you like to pay?

You can also visit a NZ Post store to make payments. Please note, there may be a surcharge charged by NZ Post.

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