Guide to unlock the Vodafone Smart P11

  1. Switch the phone off
  2. Insert non-One NZ SIM card
  3. Switch the phone. The device will display Network locked or SIM ME lock
  4. Enter the SIM unlock code
  5. Select OK

Phone should now be unlocked.

Things to know

  1. Do not try to guess, or make up, your unlock code
  2. The unlock code we sent you is an alpha numeric code. Please follow the steps below carefully. They are different for each phone.
  3. You will not need Wi-Fi to complete the unlock.
  4. If the "SIM network unlock PIN" is entered incorrectly more than 10 times, the phone will display another "unlock SIM BLOCK" prompt screen and ask for an unblock pin.
  5. Please contact us on 777 again to receive this unblock pin. After the unblock pin is entered correctly the phone will still be locked but now the "SIM network unlock PIN" prompt screen is brought back.
  6. We cannot guarantee that an unlocked phone will be compatible with another network

Important: If our instructions are not followed carefully and you enter an incorrect code multiple times, you may lock your phone completely. If, after three attempts, your phone does not unlock please call us on 0800 837 867 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm). We can only help with unlocking One NZ mobile devices purchased from an authorised One NZ retailer that hasn't been tampered with, is not 'jail broken' or flashed.

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