Caller ID | User guides for voice calling over broadband

This article contains steps on how to manage Caller ID on VoIP for ADSL/VDSL, Fibre or HFC connections.

This calling feature lets you see who's calling before you answer the call, and keep track of who has called. 

Before you begin

There is a monthly fee for Caller ID .

To use Caller ID, you need a compatible phone or a Caller display unit (the unit is normally battery powered, attaches to your phone and plugs into a telephone jackpoint).

To add Caller ID, please call us on 0508 888 800.

In some situations, Caller Display cannot show a caller's number. For example, number withheld/blocked by caller, overseas numbers, payphones and some mobile phones.

Caller ID also lets you keep track of who has called. As long as the caller stays on the phone so it rings at least twice, the phone or display unit will keep a record of all the people who have called. 

If you're calling someone else, and don't want your number to display in their Caller ID, you can block your ID.


Block your ID when making a call

  1. Lift the handset and dial *67 then the number you want to call immediately following; do not pause to wait for the dial tone

Block your ID permanently

  1. Lift the handset, dial *31 and hang up

    The ID will now be blocked when you attempt to make calls

Unblock your ID

  1. Lift the handset, dial *32 and hang up

    The ID will now be unblocked when you make calls

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