Call Waiting | User guides for voice calling over broadband

This article explains how to manage Call Waiting on VoIP for ADSL/VDSL, Fibre or HFC connections.

Before you begin

This calling feature lets you know when someone is trying to call you while you're on another call.

There is a monthly fee for Call Waiting .

To add Call Waiting, please call us on 0508 888 800.

Call Waiting works really well when combined with voicemail  because you can choose to accept a second call or let it go through to your voicemail to take a message.

Below describes how Call Waiting works:

  • Four beeps tell you someone is calling you when you're on another call - don't worry, you have longer than this to answer the second call
  • The second caller simply hears a ringing tone and will usually keep holding for six to eight rings
  • If you'd like to take the second call, you can excuse yourself from the first caller, then press the flash or recall button on your phone. You can then talk to the second caller
  • To return to the first caller, simply press the flash or recall button again and you will be able to continue your original conversation. Some customers may need to press 2 after pressing the flash button to move between calls
  • If you use the flash or recall button on your phone to move between calls, you will not lose a caller by mistake.


Turn Call Waiting on

  1. Lift the handset and dial *43

    You will hear the confirmation prompt

Turn Call Waiting off

  1. Lift the handset and dial #43 or *52

    You will hear the confirmation prompt

Temporarily suspend Call Waiting

If you need to make an important call where you don't want to be interrupted, you can suspend Call Waiting.
  1. Lift the handset and dial *70 then dial the call 

    When the call is complete, Call Waiting will be automatically reactivated.

Answer a call while on another call

  1. While on a call, you will notice a series of beeping during your phone call conversation notifying you of an incoming call 

    Press the following buttons on the phone:

    Buttons on the phoneOutcomes
    FlashPuts Calls on/off hold
    Flash then 1Disconnects 2nd call and reconnects to 1st
    Flash then 2Picks up/toggle between calls
    Flash then 3Initiates conference
    Flash then 4Initiates call transfer (if available)

    If your phone does not have FLASH or RECALL button, you can tap the ‘hook’ button to switch between calls.

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