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This article advises how to block incoming or outgoing calls on a mobile handset.

What is Call Barring?

This free service is simple to use to prevent incoming or outgoing calls, and handy if you're overseas or more than one person uses your mobile.

This service is not available for Prepay phones and devices.

When we say "send", this means press the dial button on your mobile.

How Call Barring works?

Call Barring allows you to block incoming or outgoing calls and can be done in 2 ways:
On your handset, using the instructions below; or you can call us on 777 and we can create barring for your number on the network (these would over-ride any barring you have on your handset).

Please note: To remove network barring set via 777, you would need to call us again. Call Barring will not affect 111 emergency calls.

These handset instructions are GSM codes and your Call Barring PIN, unless you changed it, will be 0000 or 1234.

What are the different types of call barring?

 Type of call barring Activate DeactivateCheck status 
 Bar all outgoing calls * 33 * barring PIN # SEND #33* barring PIN # SEND * # 33 # SEND
 Bar all incoming calls
 Callers will receive a system message saying "the phone is currently unavailable".
 * 35 * barring PIN # SEND #35* barring PIN # SEND * # 35 # SEND
 Bar incoming calls while roaming
Callers will receive a system message saying "the phone is currently unavailable".
 * 351 * barring PIN # SEND #351*barring PIN # SEND * # 351 # SEND
 Cancel all call barring  # 330 * barring PIN # SEND 

Unwanted or abusive calls

Learn what you can do if you are receiving unwanted or abusive calls >

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