One Business with Webex | Access Your Voicemail While Overseas

This article contains information on how to access your voicemail while you are travelling overseas for One Business with Webex.

You should know

You will be unable to call your One Business with Webex voicemail while you are overseas, these settings will need to be enabled to get the recordings.

Please first ensure that you have downloaded the Webex App, which can be done here:


  1. Open the Webex Application.
  2. Ensure you are logged in.
  3. Navigate to Call Settings

    Check How to Access Call Settings for more information

  4. From the drop-down menu select Voicemail
  5. Select When A Message Arrives
  6. If you want to:
    • Activate it:
      • Toggle on Forward to email address
      • Set the email address
    • Deactivate it:
      • Toggle off Forward to email address
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