Payments | Pay with internet banking (One NZ B)

This article explains how to pay your One NZ bill using internet banking.

Before you begin

These work instructions only apply if your bill displays One NZ B.
Find out how to check what is displayed on your bill .


Add us as a payee

When you head to your bank's website or app to pay your bill, just select One NZ B from the list of companies to pay.

Make a manual payment

Alternatively, you can enter the following details manually (you can also find these details on your bill):

Bank account nameOne NZ B
ParticularsYour name
CodeYour One NZ account number
ReferenceYour phone number
SWIFT (if required)ANZBNZ22

What to do if that didn't work?

If your payment didn't go through or you weren't able to submit one, you could try paying using a credit card .

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