One Business with Webex | Turn off "pause app activity if unused"

This article contains steps to turn off the default sleep state applied to all installed apps on Android smartphones, resulting in an improved Webex user experience.

Before you begin

This article applies to One Business with Webex users who have the Webex app installed on Android devices only.

Recent Android releases have introduced default battery-saving rules, which "pause" app activity when an application sits idle or inactive after a period of time.

This default rule impacts the webex application from being able to maintain its live and on-demand sync state with calling and in-call functionality, such as call forward, when required by the user.

Please note: this is not a bug, but an unavoidable state introduced by Andoid that impacts all UC and collaboration services, not just Webex.


  1. On your Android smartphone, go to your device settings
  2. Scroll down, locate and tap on Apps
    Android Settings
  3. Once in Apps, scroll down, locate and tap on Webex (hint - the app list is alphabetical)
  4. Turn off Remove permissions if app is unused (Android default has this on)

    Webex App Info

    The Webex app will now actively sync and will continue to without it being disrupted by an Android system idle state override.

    Please note: this does result in a very slight battery consumption increase.

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