One Business with Webex | Answer A Call Using Call Pull

This article contains information on how to answer a call using the Call Pull feature available with One Business with Webex.

Before you begin

Call Pull lets you answer a call on your desktop, laptop or tablet and switch the call to another device to continue the conversation.

  • For example if you are speaking on your desktop phone, you can use Call Pull to continue the same call on your mobile.
  • The caller will not hear you switch devices.
  • You can use the Call Pull feature as many times as needed during a call.


  1. On the device you want to answer the call on, dial *11

    Alternatively, if you are pulling the call to your desktop, laptop or tablet, you can go to the Calling menu and select Pull Call

    call pull.png

    After the call is pulled, the audio connection on your other device automatically ends

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