One Business with Webex | Disable Xport Portal user's access

This article contains information on how super users can use the One Business with Webex portal to remove a users ability to access the One Business with Webex app.

Before you begin

This feature is available for Super Users only.

This is useful when an employee leaves as it prevents them from being able to log in and configure features.


  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Change User Accounts to Xport User Accounts
    disable 1.png
  3. Change View Users to View Xport Portal User
    disable 2.png
  4. Find the leaving user's name and click Edit
    disable 3.png
  5. Untick the Active checkbox
    disable 5.png

    • Note: Any field that contains the red asterisk next to it are mandatory fields and they need to be completed before moving to the next step.
  6. Click Save
    disable 6.png
    The Edit User page will appear
  7. In the Active column, status will change from Yes to No for the outgoing user
    disable 4.png
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