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This article contains steps on how to setup Call Divert on your mobile.

Before you begin

With Call Divert, you can control what happens to inbound calls so that if your phone is off, outside of coverage or you don't answer within 20 seconds.

You can also choose to forward all calls immediately, for those times when you can't or don't want to answer, using the codes below on your phone's keypad.

Please note:

  • On Account mobile customers this service is on by default
  • Prepay customers: This service is not available

There is no charge to use this service for Pay Monthly mobile customers.
As an alternative, you may also be able to set up Call Divert directly on your handset: For information on what are your device's call forward settings, refer to your handset user guide .


Setup Guides

To enter * * as part of your callForward options, you may need to leave a 2 second gap between each press of the * key

Divert calls to voicemail

  • Activate: * * 21 * +6421700700  FREE +6421700700  # (SEND)
  • Deactivate: # # 21 # (SEND)
When a call forward is in place, if your caller reaches the voicemail, it will be the voicemail of the number the calls have been diverted to.

  • For example, if calls are diverted from number A to B, when a caller reaches a voicemail, it will be of number B.

Divert calls to a designated number

  • Activate: * * 21 * full phone number # (SEND)
  • Deactivate: # # 21 # (SEND)
Full number means +6421xxxxxxx as an example.

Divert unanswered calls

  • Activate: * * 61 * full phone number # (SEND)
  • Deactivate: # # 61 # (SEND)
Please note this is after approx. 10 seconds for Rural broadband phones and 20-30 seconds for mobile phones.

Divert no reply

When your phone is turned off or not connected to the network

  • Activate: * * 62 * full phone number # (SEND)
  • Deactivate: # # 62 # (SEND)

Forward calls when busy

  • Activate: * * 67 * full phone number # (SEND)
  • Deactivate: # # 67 # (SEND)

Turn off all forwarding

# # 002 # (SEND)

Check divert status

* # Divert Code # (SEND)

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