Broadband | Fix Slow Speed Issues

This article provides steps to help you troubleshoot slow speed internet connection issues.

Buying a Product or Service

Sign up to new products, purchase additional services, online order support, device guides and articles on how to activate services.

Broadband Help & Support

Troubleshoot technical Broadband issues, hardware support guides, and support with other queries including scams and fraud.

DN8245 | Update Firmware

This article explains how to update the firmware on DN8245 modem.

SmartWifi X80 | Set up the modem

This page explains how to set up a SmartWifi X80 for Business Wireless

SmartWifi X53 | Set up the modem

This page explains how to set up a SmartWifi X53 for Business Fibre.

My One NZ | Change My One NZ profile details

This article covers how you can change personal details associated with your My One NZ account if you a One NZ A customer.

Voice Calling Over Broadband | Troubleshoot Degraded Service

This article contains some steps you can try if you are hearing static or robotic or choppy audio on your VoIP phone line.

My One NZ | Set up a Direct Debit from a bank account

This page explains how to set up a direct debit from a bank account using My One NZ.

Customer Zone | Update contacts

A contact on an account is someone who can ask questions about an account and may have authority to make changes. If someone is not loaded as a contact on an account, they won't be able to make changes to the account or have access to any account-specific information.

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