3 tips to control your mobile data usage

This article covers how to save data usage on your mobile phone.

We recommend using WiFi as much as possible, especially for data-heavy tasks like downloading attachments, updating apps and watching videos. Here's some tips on how to maximise your WiFi connection and get the most out of your smartphone without using your mobile data.

Download large files over WiFi.

Large files like songs, games, OS updates, PowerPoint presentations, Apps and other software should only be downloaded over WiFi, if you want to save data.

Always be sure to check the size of the download and ensure you're properly connected to the WiFi network before downloading. This is because, if your phone drops out of WiFi range during the download, your phone will continue the download using your phone's data.

We also urge you to be careful while downloading content to your phone. Email attachments and software downloads are prone to be infected with viruses which could damage your phone and in some cases, even steal your phone's data. We recommend downloading attachments only from trusted sources.

Switch off your phone's Personal Hotspot feature.

Your smartphone or tablet connects to our network using 3G, 4G or 5G. It can then broadcast this signal over WiFi so that you can connect other devices to the same data connection.
We recommend being careful when using this feature. You should only turn on your Personal Hotspot when you're sure no other phone or mobile device can connect to your phone's data connection without your permission.

To do this, we recommend using a strong password for your Personal Hotspot and only giving out the password to people you trust. This is because other devices connected to your Personal Hotspot can use your data to download large files or update their apps.

Switch off mobile data.

In extreme cases, you can even switch off your mobile data completely. We recommend looking at plans with more data instead of using this option, simply because most smartphones rely quite a bit on data for several key functions.

If you share your data via a Red Plan, you have the option of switching off data for specific users on your shared account.

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